Our object if is more than business it is a long term relationship

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   BRIGHTCO Incorporate

  was established at the begining

  of 2012 with the idea of being

  an innovative and agile compay

  that combines IT, project and

  test management with sales,

  marketing and business

  develpoment to provide our

  customers high quality services

  and support.

  We strive to maintain loyal and 

  long-term relationships with the

  businesses that rely on us for

  greater efficiency, productivity

  and profitability.

  We consider the "Top Quality,

  Good service and Strong

  commitment & Engagement" as

  the most important principles we

  offer to our clients.








 Brightco rests on five fundamental Pillars:

  • Fast & Professionell Service

   Building upon our superb reputation for customer service and satisfaction, Brightco

   can provide you with a variety of different IT services to suit your organization's 

   needs and demands. For further information please feel free to contact us today, 

   or visit our services page for a complete and comprehensive list of the services we



  • Agility

   In today's very hard competitive world, Time To Market products and services are key

   factors for any business to be successful. Hence, we apply an agile and flexible

   methodology based on iterative and incremental way of working, promote adaptive

   planning, evolutionary development and delivery, a time-boxed iterative approach

   and encourage rapid and flexible response to change.


  • Commitment & Engagement

   With Brightco as business partner, you can be rest assured that we are highly

   motivated, engaged and committed in supporting you to realize your projects and 

   gain crucial competitive advantages. We consider your business as our own and will

   always strive to cooperate with you towards successful and fruitful results.


  • Successful Operations

   Successful operations and deliveries are obvious for the long term business

   relationships that we are aiming at building with you. We will do our best to help you 

   achieve your goals to grow in size and profitability. We clearly identify projects to

   help make your business dreams a reality. We will take care of putting processes and 

   projects in place, keeping things on track and providing greater value to your 



  • Continuous Growth

   Having all the above mentioned pillars in place, we are heading towards a remarkable

   place within the IT market in Sweden with of course the ambition to reach the

   European market progressively.


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