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  • Requirements Analysis & Assessment

   Requirements analysis can 

   be a long and arduous

   process. We help our

   customers at the project's

   initial phase to identify

   all the stakeholders, take

   into account all their needs

   and elicit their demands so

   that a result that meets

   the business needs is well

   identified and documented.


  • Project Management


   Regardless of which project

   model our customers are

   using, we do have the

   competence and

   experience to adapt

   ourselves to the

   expectations and run the

   project over the goal line

   within time and budget.


  • Test Management


   Treating testing as a black

   box at the end of the

   project schedule invites

   failure. Hence, we consider

   having insight into all

   testing requirements and

   desired outcome is

   mandatory for effectively

   managing a successful

   testing effort. With our

   experience of leading

   different test teams and

   activities, we can help our

   customers to run their test

   related activities in a very

   professional and effective


  • Business Development

   Business development is

   an essential part of any

   organization irrespective of

   the kind of business our

   customers are running. 

   We help to identify new

   business opportunities,

   whether that means new

   markets, new partnerships

   with other businesses, new

   ways to reach existing

   markets, or new product or

   service offerings to better

   meet the needs of existing

   markets- and then to go

   out and exploit those

   opportunities to bring in

   more revenue.









  • Support & Maintenance


    Products and services

    analyzed, developed,

    tested, rolled out and sold

    need of course to be


    We do also have the

    experience and willingness

    to be a member

    of our customers' support

    and maintenance

    organization and would be

    pleased to help you

    implement and run an

    effective and world class

    customer service.






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